Attn: Goalies who want to hang zero after zero, period after period on their frustrated opponents

Discover The #1 Off-Ice Solution That Gives You Explosive Speed, Acrobatic Athleticism And The Shut-Out Stamina You Need To Make Vezina-worthy Saves At Any Level.

…Start making more saves in as little as 10-days without over training or spending thousands of dollars on rented ice.

WARNING: If you are still training with your team, thinking that you are on the right path to becoming the STUD goalie in your league, you are wrong!  You'll be at a disadvantage and left behind while other goalies pass you and take your spot as you become the perennial back up or worse...the third goalie.  This can all be prevented by reading the cutting edge information on THIS PAGE.

Did you know that being a goaltender puts you at risk for missing 10+ days with injury? Are you still making any of these mistakes...

  • Training the way your goalie coach when they played 30 years ago
  • Burning out your hips, knees and ankles without even realizing it
  • Doing high rep strength training thinking it will make you quicker
  • Doing the same outdated stretches that don’t get you any lower in their splits
  • Running 3-5 miles twice per week or more
  • Wasting your time with 60+ minute workouts in the gym

You might be one of them and clearly it is not your FAULT... are doing what your respected goalie coach or team coach has told you to do and you are working hard on it. This is an admirable quality and your work ethic is awesome!

You have worthy goals; you just need the right ingredients to get you there. That’s why you are here right?

I know THIS about you for sure – 100% If you are on this page, you are one of the 5%.

You are an action taker and you are either here because you’re having some success at your current level; your friends, family and coaches think you are doing great…but you secretly want much, much more for yourself. Dominating your league is not enough, you have your eye on the prize, you see yourself getting signed to a scholarship or drafted in the next 3-5 years.

…you’re here because you are desperate. You are NOT dominating your league, in fact you are wondering when you will walk into the dressing room and see a third goalie in there getting suited up (your replacement??).

You know you can do better, you are just in a slump and you have been told by lots of coaches that you have potential, but you just aren’t sure how to unlock it.

It’s frustrating and honestly it is a little scary.

You are a lot like my client Paul.

He was the last cut from AAA hockey for four years in a row. Each time it was the same story. The coach would pull him aside, tell him what a tough decision it was (as if that would make him feel better) and then give him the bad news.

They would tell him to dominate at AA and to work hard in the off-season and that he would probably be suiting up for the AAA team next season.

Here’s the thing – Paul DID dominate AA and he worked his @ss off in the gym year round. He did P90X, CrossFit and the exercises his goalie coach told him to do – which were Dips, V-Ups, Wall Sits, Jump Rope and stretches for his thighs, hamstrings, calves, low back and groins.

He did it all…and STILL got cut.

Now, Paul is not what you would call a gifted athlete.

He had good movement patterns and enough athleticism to succeed, but he was not one of those guys who could do nothing at all, goof off in practice and still be one of the top netminders in his league.

Have you ever had a friend who eats whatever they want and still has ripped abs even though they never, ever workout - - same thing – Paul is not that guy.

Luckily, Paul understands that he needs to work consistently to achieve his goals, but so far he is not seeing the return he wants. He feels a bit more flexible and his stamina is certainly better on the ice, that helps, but it is not what you would call a transformation.

Know what I mean?

When you buckle down, work hard, but don’t see the results you expect.

Some games you are brilliant, you feel like you can stop anything, like the puck is a big as a beach ball, but there are more times when you feel the exact opposite.

You are like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. You never know which of you is going to show up and recently Mr. Hyde with the 0.79 SV% has been showing up more and more.

You ride home thinking that you really aren’t that good and that you actually don’t deserve to be playing even your current level. You wonder if your teammates and coaches are seeing it too.

You secretly hope the other goalie gets most of the starts in the big tournament this weekend.

Here’s what you may not know…

…all that negative self-talk isn’t true. Trust me here.

You have made it up in your mind and you tell it to yourself over and over.

I know why you do it, but I want you to understand that it is not real, it is something you created and you are going to leave it in your past starting RIGHT NOW! - buh-bye.

From now on, you are in the driver’s seat, not your fears and insecurities.

From now on you are steering the ship and setting yourself up for success, after all you are an action taker and that’s why you are here.

You are not here to whine.

You are not here for some magic beans.

And you are certainly not here for some gimmicky quick fix.

But sometimes it feels too tough…

When it feels tough, that’s because it is tough.

Goalies have it so much harder than anyone else out there.

  • How many forwards on your team?
  • How many D-men?
  • And how many goalies?

That’s right, the odds are stacked against you right from the start.

You are always under the microscope and even hockey leagues like the NHL are trying to make it harder for you to succeed with talk of bigger nets and less protective equipment.

Here’s the good news for a dedicated goalie like you…these things will happen, hockey will continue to evolve to make it harder for the goalie which means athleticism will become even MORE important than it already is.

The big goalie who just stands somewhere near the right spot and has the puck bounce off him will become a thing of the past.

Goalies will need to be the most athletic players on the ice. I actually saw Marc Andre-Fleury do a two pad stack this past week.

You will have to be athletic and fearless if you are going to succeed.

And that is where the Shutout Academy comes in…

It leads to something I call the Shutout Shift, where we put your SV% on an upward trajectory and give you more wins.


It has been a long time in the making in fact it started way back in 2002 when I was the exercise specialist at the renowned Fowler Kennedy sport med clinic where I worked day after day helping athletes recover from their sports injuries.

As much as we wish they weren’t, injuries are a part of sport, so getting players back as quickly and efficiently as possible was a mission I took very seriously and it worked.

I remember the day Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jeff Hackett walked in the door following his career threatening shoulder surgery. To make things worse, it was his glove hand.

Anyway, while the incisions and tissues in his shoulder healed, we started working on other things – like the way I had rehabbed so many goalie groin strains before – we made this the foundation of his training because he could not hold dumbbells or barbells yet. Heck, he couldn’t even take his arm out of a sling.

As we trained, he explained the ‘new’ butterfly technique and it was exciting for sure, but as an exercise physiologist I kept thinking of how destructive that would be on hips over time if they weren’t properly prepared for the forces and strain.

So we started training his hips with specific flexibility and stability exercises to help his body absorb the torque and minimize that wear and tear.

By the end of that summer, we could get into ‘normal’ training, but you couldn’t say we had a full off-season that year by any stretch. No heavy back squats, no bench press at all, no weighted chin ups…

And what do you think happened?

Jeff returned and not only was he able to perform, but his SV% went from 0.877 the previous year to 0.911 (Brodeur was tops in the league that year with a 0.914).

Awesome improvement for any goalie; not to mention a guy coming off major reconstructive surgery.

Fast forward a few seasons to when I started Revolution Sport Conditioning. I got frustrated by a series of injured goalies who were training just like their skater teammates coming to me for help.

It’s not the goalies that frustrated me, I loved them, but their approach to training certainly did. Again, it wasn’t their fault, just like it isn’t yours.

Everyone says ‘goalies are different’ and they say it like a joke as they make their eyes go squirrely – but they are absolutely right.


  • Carry the weight of the team on their shoulders
  • They can single handedly win or lose a game - there is no position like it in all of sport
  • They have to make thousands of decisions in a split second


Even a baseball pitcher can’t compare.

A pitcher has their selection of pitches and they know ahead of time what they are going to throw.

The goalie has literally thousands of options for a single save with a variety of movements, stances, glove positions and stick positions in addition to the unforeseen deflection or rebound - - - you don’t see pitchers worrying about that do you?

Special Introductory Charter Membership ONLY $67 US$47!

I understand that I will be billed US$47 per month until I chose to unsubscribe from the Shutout Academy. I can unsubscribe at any time by contacting the customer support email on my receipt or by emailing help[at] When I unsubscribe, there will be no additional billing.


Nothing is sent in the mail. This product is entirely downloadable.

So YES, goalies are different and as such they need to TRAIN differently.

It is quite simple really - It’s not voodoo magic - although some have told me it feels that way when they see how much they improve on the ice 😉

All you need to do is focus your efforts on the exercises that will make you a more dynamic, mobile and durable goalie while leaving behind those common ‘hockey training’ exercises that leave you bulky, slow and stiff.

My name is Maria Mountain; that's me on the right and when I am not jumping over fires - I am creating programs and systems that help goalies just like you dominate their league while reducing their risk of injury.

I guess I can say it is simple because I studied exercise physiology for 6-years in university, then had 5 years in the sport medicine clinic to experiment on real live athletes and then 20 years of experience as a strength coach.

You certainly can follow the same path and come up with a system for yourself – it might take you 20-years (maybe 12 if you are a fast learner), but by then it might be too late for you to reach your potential – too much time in the library, not enough in the gym and on the ice.

I am guessing you just want the answer to the question “What off-ice training do I need to do to become the STUD goaltender in my league?

And that is exactly why I created the Shutout Academy.

I tell you exactly what to do and when to do it.

I promise you will see results within the first 10 days with looser hips and your body will just feel more responsive – it is hard to describe.

Within the first 35-days teammates, coaches or even opponents will ask you what you have been doing – they will notice THAT MUCH improvement.

I’m not kidding.

Star Shooters Will Look Foolish As The Start To Celebrate A Sure Goal…Only To See The Puck Safely Redirected To The Corner!

Imagine the top scorer in your league (that guy who typically puts at least one by you per game) coming in two on one and snapping a quick wrist shot high stick side.

Before you even realize what has happened you have reflexively exploded off your left skate and felt the thud of the puck deflecting off your blocker and into the corner where your defensemen move it back up the ice.

Immediately after steering the puck to the corner you catch a glimpse of the guy quickly lowering his arms on a premature goal celly - - the one you have seen so many times before.

He hopes no one noticed…but you did :)

If this sounds good to you, then you should probably keep reading...

If you are one of those skeptical goalies, who thinks the coach is against you or that this won’t work for you, then you can keep doing what you are doing.

You can continue to envy the other guys wearing their team jackets around the rink and in the hallway at school (the jackets from your dream team), like they belong to a private club and you don’t.

You scoff at them because they even wear them when it is warm out – but man, would you love to have one.

You can continue to step on the ice hoping you have a good game; hoping your team plays strong in front of you.

You can hope that next season one of the goalies on your dream team moves out of town to play on another team and then you might have a shot.

You can continue to ride home in the car filled with frustration and doubt rather than replaying your own personal highlight reel in your head.

You can keep doing the workouts that you are doing right now, that feel really tough and leave your shirt soaked in sweat – even though you are no closer to making your dream team…

You can let me (and the $100,000+ university education and the over 20,000 hours of experience building better goalies and athletes) help you.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

And don’t worry; I am not one of those internet guru’s who has only ever trained a couple friends and their Mom.

I’m also not one of those internet marketers who is looking to get rich quick and then move on to the next big thing leaving their customers high and dry.

If I were doing that, do you really think I would be helping hockey goalies? I mean come on…if I wanted to do that, I would go after golfers for sure!

I train athletes like you for a living, this is how I pay my mortgage and earn my keep.

I started helping hockey players online about 8 years ago and always got great questions from goalies – I loved the questions, but again was so frustrated at the way you were training when I knew there was a better way.

So I started sharing my systems and you had success. So I gave you more advanced systems …and you had more success.

Helping goalies at all levels is my passion and I have been happy to help goalies from beer leaguers, minor hockey, junior hockey US/Canadian College and pro leagues from Europe and North America including NHL goalies.

I have even been brought in as a secret consultant to NHL teams when they have a goalie who needs the tools to execute their moves on the ice or put the frustration of chronic injury behind them.

I’m a real person and for whatever reason, my calling is helping goalies like you – I know it is sort of weird, but I am okay with it.

I am super pumped to share the BRAND NEW ShutOut Academy with you!

Here's Why The Results Will Shock You And Your Teammates...

(even if you are already in great shape)

You see, up until now you have been missing critical pillars in your goalie development.  If you have been doing the same training as the skaters on your team then you are missing at least two of the FOUR PILLARS every elite goalie needs to succeed.

I'm not saying you are strong.

I'm not saying you aren't flexible.

You may even be pretty quick...

But if you don't have all FOUR PILLARS then you are like a Formula One race car with one wheel out of alignment.  No matter how hard you press the accelerator, you are not going to perform at your best AND you are exponentially increasing your risk of serious injury.

This is the secret ingredient that has been holding you back.

Let me explain each pillar...


If you read the term "mobility" and immediately thought flexibility or splits, then I guarantee that your first pillar is failing you.  Flexibility alone can actually increase your risk of hip and groin injury.  Mobility training like you will find in the ShutOut Academy will let you make those dramatic Jonathan Quick-esque saves and recover quickly to your ready position for the next game saving play, while even the other team's players stare at you with their mouth's open thinking "how did he do that?"


Notice I said "Goalie Strength" - this is not the same as the strength that other goalies build in the gym using the Leg Press, Knee Extension or Groin machine.  It is the strength that lets you move and control your movements in the crease with precision and most importantly it doesn't bulk you up and weigh you down. Rather than building big, dumb muscles like those other goalies, you will build strong, smart muscles.


Here's where you put that Goalie Strength to use.  By teaching you to integrate your core strength with your quick and powerful legs, you have the speed that actually lets you slow the game down.  Think about that for a second.  I am not giving you more speed so you can chase the game.  I am giving you more speed so you can be patient, cut down the shooter's options and let the game come to you.  That's what you develop with your ShutOut Speed drills.


This one should be obvious and you have all seen it and probably all felt it at least a few times in your career.  You start off great, you feel great, you are making awesome saves, you are in control.

Then your team takes a couple penalty's - you are tested a little more than normal.  Your legs are burning and you are not getting much time to recover during breaks in play.  Even when the crisis has passed and your team is back on track and playing even strength, your legs are still not recovering.

You dread seeing the puck come back across the near blue line and into your zone because you know that your legs have some lactic acid in there and it feels like they are on a split second time-delay every time you need to make a quick movement or recover from your butterfly back to you ready position.

It's a hopeless feeling because you know where you should be, but you just can't get there.  This is why the fourth pillar is essential.  No use being fast if you can't sustain that speed.

Here's Exactly What You Get Each And Every Month...

Get The Tips And Tricks That Help You Build Your Four Pillars Each And Every Month With A New ShutOut Academy Training BluePrint

This is your step-by-step workout guide, you don't have to guess how it all fits together, how often you should stretch, lift weights, do speed training or work on cardio?

ShutOut AcademyIt's all laid out for you. Just follow the simple plan.

How much should you train during the season?

It's all laid out for you. Just follow the simple plan.

How many reps should you do?

It's all laid out for you. Just follow the simple plan.

What are the best exercises for goalies to do and how do you do them?

It's all laid out for you with video tutorials. Just follow the simple plan.

Every month a new BluePrint will arrive with...

  • Step-by-step mobility routines for Johnathan Quick-like flexibility
  • A periodized strength and power plan so you have the right mix based on the time of year. You will be given the exact number of sets, reps, even the tempo for each exercise - have you ever had that before?
  • 3D Speed including all your goalie specific drills, but also details on when you should do these workouts to maximize your speed and agility gains on the ice.
  • ShortHanded Stamina sessions. These aren't your goalie coaches' cardio workouts. No 3-5 mile runs in here. You will only spend your time and effort working on the energy systems that you actually use on the ice. Many of these workouts will leave you crawling on your hands and knees.
  • Hip saving prehab exercises are weaved into your routines during the times when most of the guys you see at the gym are hanging out around the water fountain 'resting' between sets. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a gym session.
  • Integrated video tutorials for each individual exercise so you can see exactly what to do with just the click of a link - no more wading through 17-minutes of video just to find the exercise clip you are looking for.
  • Quick reference images for each and every exercise if you just need to jog your memory.

Imagine your teammates' surprise when you beat the cross-crease pass and rob the point blank shooter perched right on your doorstep with your new found mobility and speed.

Right now, you are just like these goalies who were once in exactly the same spot as you, looking at one of my training programs and wondering if it would work for them…

Plus You Also Get All This (at no extra charge)

  • Private Shutout Lounge FB groupwhere you can interact me and with other dedicated goalies to ask questions and share successes>
  • Live monthly Q&A call so that you can get on a webinar wtih me each month and ask more in-depth questions about your specific needs, similar to what my $3997 per year Turning Pro goalies get but at 1/10th of the investment
  • Resource Vault so you don't have to scour the interwebz and get questionable advice on Nutrition, sport psychology, equipment, etc
  • Current calendar enrollment , which means you start at the most current phase (don't worry I tell you how to safely build into it), rather than start at workout #1 and getting a stale program that may not reflect my current training methods


Helps pro goalies take off-ice benefits onto the ice…

“Maria Mountain’s summer training program has brought my off ice training to the next level. After using her program I have had the smoothest transition from the gym onto the ice of my professional career.

Over the course of my summer program I was able to achieve my goals as the program changed and developed with me.”

Carter H – NHL Goalie

He became the “Go To” goalie for his College team…

Everything was laid out in a manner I could easily follow. Three years of hard work has led me to again be the sole starter on my College team and be one of the best goaltenders in the nation. I am more confident when I step on the ice knowing that I have prepared better than my goaltending partners and competition, that mental edge is now there and has raised my confidence. My stamina and strength has hit a point where our coaching staff has full confidence in playing me three games in three days knowing I will be ready to go.”

Steven A – NCAA Goalie

Drafted and signed as a 16 year old…

It was officially announced yesterday that Chris has become a member of the Barrie Colts. Like yourself, he can now put a checkmark on one of his long list of goals and with your help he setting his sights on his ultimate goal of playing professional hockey.

Thank you for the training and guidance you have provided over the years. I am completely certain that Chris could not have attained this level of success at such a young age without your help.

Chris – OHL drafted goalie

Want’s to keep the program a secret…

“Just wanted to let you know that I finished the program- every workout- a few days before camp then got into things.  Best summer of training I've ever had between your program and my goalie coach...not even close.  Can't suggest any changes to make it better, just keep the program the way it is! Just wish more goalies had heard of it (like my partner who worked out with skaters all summer)...then again maybe not! Haha

I got traded from Trenton to Georgetown later in the summer and things are going well... 1st in OJHL GAA, 1st in OJHL save%.  A big part of the start is definitely being quicker/stronger.  Happy with the start, but not satisfied- goal is to get a D1 by year's end.”

Andrew D – working his way to D1

Still beating guys half his age!

The icing on the cake for my success story: we won the championship last night. I posted .987% and 0.67 GAA over three playoff games. I'm 46 and the opposing goalie in the championship game was literally half my age.

I owe a ton to your program. THANKS!

Ken – dominating Men’s league play

Who Is The Shutout Academy For?

I created this program specifically for goalies who are willing and able to invest the time and effort required to become the stud goalie in their league. Believe me, it does take both time and effort - I know there are lots of trainers who want you to think there are shortcuts or ways they can 'fast track' you to success.

Trust me, that is not the case. You might see some improvement right off the bat. You will think you have outsmarted everyone and that you are different. That will last a little while and then everything will start to spiral downward.

Some of you already know exactly what I am talking about.

For a while you were 'the man' on your team and you had the swag to back it up. Then a 'bad game' here, a 'tweaked groin' there and before you knew it you were back in a regular rotation with your goalie partner - even at the big tournaments.

Although it is a periodized and progressive program, I do not design the workouts with a beginner in mind.  You may be able to do it, but it is an ADVANCED program.


Will Men's League goalies benefit?

If you have a strong training background you will.

If you are not set in your training ways and are ready to take your training methods into the current century, then yes you will.

If you are good at knowing your limits, then yes you will.

If you have not sprinted since high school, you have degenerative arthritis in your hips, knees or ankles - - then this is NOT the program for you - I am sorry, but I have other programs I designed just with you in mind.

What if I try it and don't get results like you say?

Well, for starters, that won't happen. As a matter of fact I don't think I have ever had a program returned because it didn't work. The most common reason for a return I get is this - - the goalies does not even start the program. For one reason or the other, priorities get shifted and the training does not get done.


No matter what the reason – don’t like the program, don’t do the program, need the cash…ANYTHING! You are entitled to my 60-day no hassle, no questions asked FULL 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

I’m not one of those slick marketers who is just trying to make a sale. I am actually trying to make you a stud goalie – that’s what the program is for. And if this isn’t the right program for you, I am happy to give you your money back.

I'm not one of those slick marketers who is just trying to make a sale. I am actually trying to make you a stud goalie - that's what the program is for. And if this isn't the right program for you, I am happy to give you your money back.

And you won't end up corresponding with someone who has no clue about hockey or what a goalie does - your email will either be answered by me or my awesome assistant (and her son is a HockeyTrainingPro goalie just like you) - I know, not a very slick operation, but it works for us.

So, if you have a question or an issue trying to access your workouts, the ShutOut Lounge private Facebook page or the Live Q&A sessions, just email help[at] (Revolution Conditioning is the athlete training studio I own and operate in London, Ontario - that is my full time job) and we will help you out.

Here's How To Develop the Tools For Those Vezina Worthy Saves Starting Today...

Here's your chance for a Charter Membership. What's a "Charter Membership"? Well, it's where I let the first group of members join at a ridiculously low monthly rate to get the ball rolling.

So, not only do you save this month, you will NEVER, EVER pay a penny more - and you will never see this program offered for the same discounted price again - I promise.

So even when the price goes up to $67 or $97 per month - (I will be honest, $97 a month is what I am going for - because that is what will make the time required each month worthwhile) you will still only pay your Charter Member rate - for as long as you remain a member.

Special Introductory Charter Membership ONLY $67 US$47! 

I understand that I will be billed US$47 per month until I chose to unsubscribe from the Shutout Academy. I can unsubscribe at any time by contacting the customer support email on my receipt or by emailing help[at] When I unsubscribe, there will be no additional billing.


Nothing is sent in the mail. This product is entirely downloadable.


  • q-iconI probably need a bunch of expensive equipment.

    It isn’t the equipment that makes a stud goaltender. We’ve all seen the place Carey Price grew up – not what you would call a sophisticated athlete training centre :) You will need basic equipment though – this is NOT a bodyweight only training program. You will need either access to a basic fitness centre (like what you would find in most hotel gyms) or some dumbbells, resistance bands and a stability ball at home. Over time you may wish to add in a medicine ball as well. You will need space to do some running outdoors in the nice weather. That’s it.

  • q-iconIs it going to be hard enough for me? I am really fit.

    Any exercise can be made hard, so that really depends more on how good you are at pushing yourself. I laugh at goalies who tell me the 15 reps of split squats with 4 seconds lowering was too easy for them – – um, grab heavier dumbbells until you can hardly get back to your feet at the end of each set…still too easy for you ;)
    …but I will also tell you that my goal is not to make a ‘hard’ program – you can go do P90x if you want hard – anyone can give you a hard workout. I am trying to help you become the go to goalie in your league – remember – the Vezina-worthy saves, the Johnathan Quick flexibility, the Carey Price composure…THAT’s what I have in mind as I sit down and formulate your monthly blueprint.

  • q-iconIs it going to be too hard for me? I am not very fit.

    The program is progressive and if you start mid-way through a phase, I tell you how to get started so you don’t feel like you are being thrown into the deep end. You will need to pace yourself, but you can do it.

  • q-iconDo I need to workout for 3 hours a day?

    No you do not. In fact, spending that much time training will send your cortisol soaring and will eventually stunt the results from your training. During the season, your workouts will be relatively quick (20-40 minutes) – your focus should be on maximizing your time on the ice. During the off-season the volume will go up – your off-ice sessions will last 1-2 hours.

  • q-iconI am in the middle of my season; won't the training tire me out too much?

    See above – no matter when you join, the program is designed to correspond with your in-season and off-season. So in the middle of your season, your workouts will be shorter and less frequent so you stay fresh.

  • q-iconWhen will my DVDs arrive in the mail each month?

    There are NO DVDs – by saving trees/plastic and cutting out the frustration of waiting for the post-office you get immediate access to your training modules each month AND you save about 30% off what it would cost if I had to create and mail out DVDs and manuals each month.

  • q-iconI am not very good with computers, will I be able to work the program?

    If you can open a PDF and click on a link to view a video, then you are good. If you can get on Facebook to access the Shutout Lounge, then you are good. If you can create a username and password (and put them somewhere you won’t lose them), then you are good.

  • q-iconCan I access the program on my mobile device?

    Although I cannot speak for all mobile devices, if you can view a PDF on your mobile device then you are good. If you can click on a link to view a video, then you are good.

  • q-iconWhat if I cancel my subscription, do I lose access to the workouts I have paid for?

    Nope…that wouldn’t be fair would it? You will lose access to the private ShutOut Lounge on Facebook and all the bonus material including the Live Q&A sessions.

  • q-iconI need to gain muscle - I am small goalie - will it do that?

    If you are using sufficient load on the resistance exercises and eating properly then you will gain muscle mass during the off-season. It is tough to gain muscle mass during the season – it can happen, but that is not our goal during the season.

  • q-iconI need to lose weight - I have too much fat - will it do that?

    If you are doing the energy system work with sufficient intensity and consistency, paired with proper nutrition, then you will lose body fat – again this will be more dramatic in the off-season, but it is possible during the season as well.

  • q-iconIs there a nutrition plan that comes with it?

    I will post a general nutrition guide and some specific nutrition videos to help you make better choices, but there is not a “meal plan”.

  • q-iconWhat if I have a tournament and can't do my workouts?

    That’s okay – everyone will have that from time to time. You will either re-schedule those workouts, modify them or miss them. It’s okay if it happens from time to time. This is a great question you can ask on the ShutOut Lounge FB page OR during the monthly Live Q&A sessions.

Special Introductory Charter Membership ONLY $67 US$47!

I understand that I will be billed US$47 per month until I chose to unsubscribe from the Shutout Academy. I can unsubscribe at any time by contacting the customer support email on my receipt or by emailing help[at] When I unsubscribe, there will be no additional billing.


Nothing is sent in the mail. This product is entirely downloadable.

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