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Join Maria Mountain for one of her free online training workshops that will teach you how to get more flexible, agile and dominant on the ice!

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How Goalies Maximize Their Flexibility While Reducing Their Risk Of Injury. Step inside this detailed workshop straight from the Ultimate Goalie Training Live.
The THREE Advantages Every Successful Goalie Needs (And That Every Goalie Can Get)
Your Off-Season Training Blueprint So You Are Working Hard On The Right Things And Getting Every Advantage Before Your Season Starts.

Maria has trained goalies from all levels including…

Maria Mountain is the Exercise Physiologist who specializes in off-ice training for hockey goalies. She has helped goalies make the leap from AA to AAA, the NCAA to the NHL and every step in between.

She’s the one goalie coaches turn to when their athletes know what to they are supposed to do on the ice, but they can’t physically execute.

Maria is also known for providing easy to follow, affordable training programs that are guaranteed to help any goalie win more games with fewer injuries.

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